SEO Opportunity Assessment

Understand what SEO could do for your startup

Learn what total potential traffic and growth you could expect from SEO, both in the long and short term.

Is SEO the right investment for your startup?

FACT: Everyone’s praising SEO in the startup world.

Your founder friends, the marketers you’ve talked to, and even people you follow online speak soohighly about the channel.

But you can’t base the decision to invest in the channel just on their words alone.

Their companies operate in different markets, after all, and you can’t just assume that your niche offers a similar opportunity.

You need hard numbers.

Organic search opportunity assessment for early-stage startups

I can help you understand the SEO opportunity for your startup. From evaluating the total traffic growth potential that you could expect, both in the long and short run, to projecting customer acquisition, I help you understand what SEO could do for your startup.

Current performance evaluation

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I review what keywords you’re ranking for already. I also evaluate whether your top-ranking keywords are relevant to your startup and could attract relevant customers. And I assess the search volume for keywords for which you’re not ranking well yet.

Competitor performance analysis

I conduct a similar analysis of your top organic competitors and evaluate what phrases and keywords they rank for. This helps us understand what might be the total addressable search volume that you could achieve.

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Keyword gap analysis

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I analyze keyword gaps between you and your competitors AND between just your competitors. This helps us understand the market opportunities as well as shows us the data on topics and keywords that your competitors find the most valuable.

Opportunity evaluation

Finally, I use all that data to understand the search volume and visibility that you could achieve with the SEO program. I then merge this data with business performance to project your potential acquisition and conversion levels.

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