Awesome! You just found the SEO consultant who early-stage startups turn to when accidental spikes in traffic no longer cut it

Here are just some startups that have benefitted from my SEO expertise:

Another client of an SEO consultant for startups.
A startup that I helped build SEO strategy and grow organic traffic.

Moritz Dausinger, CEO,

I’ve been showing our Analytics stats to other founders I know because I’m amazed how much traffic and direct signups Pawel delivers every month.

What’s more, all this is completely hands-off for me. Pawel looks after everything relating to our SEO, freeing me to work on other areas of the business.

Image of Pawel Grabowski, an SEO consultant for startups.

Hey there! I'm Pawel Grabowski.

I help early-stage startups kickstart organic growth, position the product in front of the best customers, and win them over.

Here's how I do it.


Plotting the roadmap to achieving your growth goals

I build a custom-tailored strategy and prioritize exactly what you need to do (and what to avoid!) to build search visibility, attract more visitors, and generate more signups and demo requests from the organic search.

Learn how I build your SEO strategy

Image showing an SEO strategy for early-stage startup.
Image showing an SEO audit.


Gearing up your website to compete for traffic and clicks

I help get your website is ready to draw more traffic and convert those visitors into signups.

Increase your online visibility and attract more organic traffic by ensuring that Google can crawl, render, understand, and index your content with ease.

See how I eliminate SEO roadblocks on your site


Maximizing your content's search performance

I audit your content, evaluate the performance to date, and develop a plan for what assets to improve, what to prune, and what new pages you should be creating to build your search visibility.

Explore how I help maximize your content's potential

Content marketing for SaaS startups.

Here are just some results I've delivered for startups like yours

From 0 to 12000 organic visits per month in a year for this home improvement startup

Example of results we've delivered for early-stage startups.

+142% more organic visits in 6 months for email automation startup

Another example of results our SEO campaigns have delivered.

+ 482% boost in organic clicks for customer support startup

SEO agency case study.

Why early-stage startups choose me:

Startup SEO expert

I’ve been working in SEO since 2010, and have been helping early-stage startups exclusively since 2014. As a result, I understand what challenges your potential customers face and how to use SEO and content to a.) connect you with them, and b.) motivate them to pick your startup to another.

Small and Nimble

My company - Pancake is a tiny boutique SEO agency. There is no red tape, office politics, and other nonsense that typically prevents bigger agencies from being creative. I, on the other hand, can be as nimble as we need to be to deliver the results you’re after

Personal approach

Because I can work with only a handful of clients at a time, I become personally invested in your success. To me, you’re never just another account on the books.

No long-term contracts

You are free to cancel my services at any time. I never lock clients into long-term engagements. I'd always appreciate a 30-day notice, though.

A simple process

I make the entire process fast and easy. I take care of the hard work. All you do is approve.

Interested in working with me? Here's what to do next:

Start by getting to know me better to establish whether we're a good fit. Here are just some of the ways to do it:

Then, get in touch. Tell me more about your project and the current situation, and let's schedule a call to discuss how I could help.

Looking forward to that.
Pawel Grabowski
SEO Consultant for Startups

Jane Portman, CEO,

Pawel helped us launch our SEO and built it to become the primary driver of our growth.

Before that, not only did we do nothing about SEO, we were mentally “shutting out” any advice about it. We simply didn’t understand how it worked. Pawel helped us understand SEO, from the absolute basics, like how the search intent works and how to address it with content, to how to use various advanced strategies.

He also helped us overcome another challenge. Before meeting Pawel, we didn’t believe that there was any major opportunity for us to grow Userlist with SEO. Our SaaS operates in a space where practically everyone invents their own vocabulary, after all. We really didn’t think that we could find universal keywords that would attract relevant traffic to us.

Pawel not only conducted extensive keyword research but also created an amazing, 2-year SEO strategy for us. He then helped us create initial content and set up SEO processes for us so we could continue implementing the strategy on our own.

The result? Well, today, less than a year since we launched the program, organic search is our primary source of relevant traffic and conversions. What's more, we have all the knowledge, processes, and confidence to continue increasing those results further.

Thank you, Pawel.

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