My Process

Actions that drive results for you

Learn how I use SEO and content to drive traffic to your site and how I convert that traffic with strong acquisition and CRO strategies to get you the signups, demos, and leads you’re after.

I’ve been helping startups for a very long time. As a result, over the years, I’ve developed extensive workflows, processes, and playbooks that help me deliver results fast.

But in spite of that, though, I understand that every startup is different, and I always approach every campaign individually.

I match our capabilities to your specific needs, current situation, and goals. And I always focus only on actions that can drive results for you specifically.

In practice, this means that the process I'd use for you might greatly differ from the what I've done for another startup.

That said, on the whole, my campaigns are based on a do-evaluate-improve framework in which I implement a set of growth actions, then evaluate results, optimize, and double-down on what works while cutting out what doesn’t move the needle.

Here’s what my typical framework looks like:

Startup SEO framework.

Step 1


I begin with setting everything up - your website, existing assets, conversion strategies, and more - for success.

I update your website to ensure it's ready to compete for search visibility and clicks.

I also take stock of your existing assets - content, landing pages, etc. - and audit your current conversion strategies .

Finally, I evaluate your performance to date and identify quick wins to implement right away.

Areas of focus:

  • Campaign setup
  • Website updates
  • Audit of existing assets
  • Performance analysis
  • Quick wins implementation

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Step 2


Next, I develop a growth plan to achieving your goals.

I research your target market and the audience and also, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

I also conduct extensive keyword resarch to understand how your potential customers search for products like yours.

Finally, I identify immediate and long-term objectives for the SEO program, and based on all that, develop a growth plan to achieving your goals.

Areas of focus:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • User persona development
  • Market, audience, and competitive research
  • Keyword research
  • Strategy development
  • Growth roadmap

Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Step 3


This stage is all about turning my research into monthly deliverables - long-form content, content hubs, pillar pages, landing pages, articles, white papers, and any other content assets required to implement the strategy.

I create content in sprints (usually, 5-10 content assets per sprint). For each piece, I create briefs and let you review each outline before I begin to write. You can also review each draft and have a chance to add or edit the information before publication.

Areas of focus:

  • Keyword research
  • Topic mapping
  • SERP analysis
  • Content creation
  • On-page optimization
  • Performance analysis and improvements

Timeline: 9-12 months (working in 2-3 month sprints of content creation followed by performance analysis and improvements)

Step 4


Finally, I enhance your SEO program with a strong user acquisition and conversion strategy to generate leads and signups for your startup.

I analyze your existing sales funnel, identify gaps, spot opportunities to boost conversions and implement relevant lead generation and user acquisition strategies to get you more trials, signups, or demo requests.

Areas of focus:

  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Conversion campaign ideation
  • Calls to action setup
  • Email sequence planning
  • Conversion tracking setup

Timeline: 4 weeks (excluding lead magnet and email sequence copywriting, if required)

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