SEO Strategy and Roadmap

Get a detailed roadmap to reaching your growth goals

Connect your market knowledge with our experience in helping early-stage startups to get an actionable strategy and roadmap to achieving your growth goals.

Sure, it sounds cliche, but it’s true - You really cannot do it without a plan

A solid and thorough SEO strategy is the difference between consistently meeting your growth goals and watching results come with frustrating randomness.

That’s because the strategy is more than just a list of keywords you should be ranking for. A well-prepared SEO strategy is an insight into the minds of your customers and defines:

In other words, the strategy tells what you need to do to reach your organic traffic goals.

SEO strategy for early-stage startups

Ana Croissier, Digital Marketing Specialist, Quaderno

I'm completely blown away by the SEO strategy we received.

Pawel delivered more than just the analysis of our current situation, the market and the opportunity. We got a detailed, actionable plan to help us reach our goals. With this, we now know exactly what to do to increase our traffic and signups.

Thank you, Pawel!

When building your strategy, I connect your market knowledge with my experience in building organic growth engines for early-stage startups to create a detailed and actionable strategy and roadmap to get you the results you’re after.

I tailor the strategy to your business and current situation entirely to show you what you need to do to build greater search visibility, attract more visitors, and generate more signups and demo requests from the organic search.

Goal setting

I begin by working with you to define your goals. I also review how your objectives relate to your current situation and develop a good picture of what you need to achieve within our given time frame.

Opportunity assessment

I also assess your total market size and evaluate what total potential traffic and growth you could expect from SEO, both in the long and short term.

SEO opportunity assessment.

Market and audience analysis

Market analysis for SEO.

I conduct a thorough target marketing and audience analysis to uncover how they search for and buy products like yours.

Competitor analysis

We collect data on your competitors, too, to learn how they connect with customers currently and identify what gives them a competitive advantage right now.

Competitor analysis for SEO.

In-depth keyword research

Keyword research for SEO.

We identify commercial phrases and topic clusters (including informational-intent keywords) to focus on gaining topical authority in search and building your startup’s search visibility.

SEO strategy and content calendar

We define what we plan to achieve and what we’ll need to do to achieve it, including goals and milestones.

SEO Strategy for Startups.

SEO roadmap

SEO roadmap for early-stage startups.

Finally, we define the action plan for the next 12 months, broken into 3-month sprints that outline what actions we’ll be focusing on and when to build up your growth.

Craig Hewitt, CEO,

Pawel exceeded my expectations by a long shot on this project.

In a short period of time he provided us with a very thorough evaluation of where our site is currently, what quick wins we should be focusing on, and a complete roadmap of what topic we should be targeting going forward.

Now my team and I have a reliable roadmap for the upcoming months in which we know our organic rankings (particularly for high intent keywords) will surely rise, and with it the rest of the business.

I can't recommend working with Pawel enough for anyone who's serious about increasing targeted organic traffic to their site.

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